Bludso’s BBQ Cookbook: A Culinary Journey Fueled by Passion and Flavor

In a never-ending quest to determine the best barbecue style in the United States, the contenders usually boil down to Carolina, Memphis, Kansas City, and Texas. However, Kevin Bludso, the mastermind behind his renowned Texas-style barbecue, refuses to be constrained by borders. Rather than exclusively championing the Lone Star State, he takes a humble stance, acknowledging the widespread acclaim while offering a unique perspective that transcends regional boundaries.

Hailing from Compton, California, Bludso’s culinary journey began during childhood summers spent with his grandmother in Texas. It was there, amidst the intoxicating aroma of her beloved barbecue stand, that his passion for cooking ‘cue was kindled. Little did his parents realize that their decision to keep him out of trouble would pave the way for him to become one of the country’s most celebrated pitmasters. Today, Bludso owns successful restaurants in California, Texas, and even as far as Australia. His talent has also landed him appearances on popular shows like Bar Rescue, Bong Appétit, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Recently, he finished filming the second season of Netflix’s The American Barbecue Showdown, where he serves as a recurring judge.

Bludso’s incredible journey, from a Compton kid to a prominent entrepreneur, is chronicled in his newly published book, Bludso’s BBQ Cookbook: A Family Affair in Smoke and Soul. This cookbook is not your typical collection of recipes. Each of the 75 mouthwatering dishes is accompanied by a captivating anecdote from Bludso’s eventful life. Whether it’s a cooking technique inherited from his grandmother or a valuable business lesson learned while establishing his own restaurants, these anecdotes breathe life into the pages of the book.

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While Bludso’s BBQ Cookbook serves as a comprehensive guide to all things ‘cue, covering topics such as building your own pit, selecting the finest meats, preparing delectable sauces and rubs, and mastering the art of cooking essentials like ribs, brisket, and sausages, it also offers a surprising twist. Readers will discover dishes with an international flair, like the tantalizing smoked pork pho, alongside Bludso family favorites such as Mom’s Baked Banana Pudding. Moreover, all the dessert recipes pay homage to the remarkable women who perfected them. And, of course, there’s a special treat for those who enjoy a well-deserved beverage at the “end of the day” – Bludso’s favorite cocktail, aptly named the Bludso’s ETD (which combines ice and Hennessy).

Shondaland recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bludso and delve into the inspiration behind his cookbook, as well as uncover the significance of Compton in his life. The book serves as a love letter to this misunderstood city, dispelling negative stereotypes and showcasing the strength of its community. Bludso reminds us that Compton is not simply synonymous with crime and poverty. It is a place filled with good-hearted individuals, many of whom have achieved great success despite the challenges they faced.

Bludso’s childhood, shaped by his Black Panther-supporting mother and police-officer father, speaks volumes about the multifaceted nature of his upbringing. In a time when racial tensions were high, his father stood as an African American police officer, straddling two distinct worlds. Bludso’s parents divorced when he was young, but their influence and the memories of their activism remain indelible. He recognizes the importance of distinguishing between good and bad within any given group, including the police. Bludso passionately advocates for accountability and weeding out the unjust individuals who tarnish the profession.

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Bludso’s commitment to his community is palpable. He has received the prestigious Steve Harvey Neighborhood Award twice for his remarkable efforts to give back. His mother played a significant role in shaping his values and compassion, teaching him about tolerance and the importance of differentiating between hate and ignorance. These lessons not only safeguarded him from detrimental choices but also instilled in him a desire to make a positive impact.

When asked about his favorite recipe in the book, Bludso’s enthusiasm is infectious. It’s hard for him to choose just one, as he treasures dishes like pinto beans, brisket, and even his incomparable buttermilk pancakes. These recipes, born from a fusion of his Texas roots and his mother’s Puerto Rican heritage, reflect his love for diverse flavors and cooking styles. Bludso’s goal is to create accessible recipes that anyone can replicate, empowering single parents to whip up incredible meals in just 30 minutes. In this cookbook, even the most intimidated individuals can boldly make hearty dishes like smothered chicken and relish in their culinary success.

Bludso emphasizes the significance of mastering one’s pit, asserting that this key skill unlocks a world of possibilities in the realm of barbecue. Once you understand your smoker or grill, the rest falls into place. Contrary to popular belief, barbecue is not an intimidating endeavor. Bludso insists that it is a journey best enjoyed when combined with self-discovery and personal style. While he acknowledges the importance of traditional rubs, he encourages aspiring pitmasters to find their unique voice and experiment with flavors.

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Bludso’s expertise extends beyond the realm of backyard barbecues and restaurant kitchens. As a recurring judge on The American Barbecue Showdown, he knows firsthand the emotional intensity experienced by contestants. Their dedication and passion are palpable, making the critique of their craft an emotionally charged experience. He deeply respects all the participants, recognizing the tenacity required to pursue their dreams.

Throughout his career, Bludso has developed a deep appreciation for cayenne pepper. Beyond its heat, he values its ability to enhance the flavor of various dishes. This versatile ingredient brings out hidden nuances and elevates the overall culinary experience. From his early days in the kitchen to his current mastery, cayenne pepper has remained a trusted companion, infusing his creations with an irresistible zest.

As Bludso continues to conquer new projects, he remains grounded in his passion for barbecue and his commitment to his community. With upcoming shows in the pipeline and a thriving presence on Bar Rescue, his journey is far from over. And while an album release on the Fourth of July may be a playful fiction, one thing is abundantly clear – Bludso’s barbecue is as authentic and vibrant as his captivating story.

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Bludso's BBQ Cookbook

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Bludso's BBQ Cookbook - A Culinary Journey