A New Take on the Black Beef Burger

These mouthwatering black pepper burgers will transport you to simpler times or ignite your creative culinary instincts. With two delicious versions to choose from, this recipe showcases the versatility of this classic dish. Prepare yourself for a flavor explosion as we combine three different types of ground meat: lamb, chuck (beef), and venison.

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Choose Your Side: Tradition vs. Artistic Pepper Burgers

When it comes to food, I am torn between my traditionalist tendencies and my inner artist longing for experimentation. While keeping the essence of the classic burger intact, I love to play with condiments to add a personal touch to the flavor profile.

My traditional side reminisces about the nostalgic moments spent at my granddad’s house. He would savor a simple black pepper burger, sandwiched between two pieces of white bread, while enjoying a Braves baseball game. Minimalistic yet delicious, these burgers relied solely on the bold seasoning of granddaddy’s black pepper blend.

Though these simple burgers hold a special place in my heart, I sometimes crave a little more excitement. For those artsy moods, I present my amped-up version. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with a remoulade sauce featuring capers and my tangy homemade dill refrigerator pickles. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

What is Your Beef (or Lamb or Venison)?

Both versions of these black pepper burgers share an equal mixture of beef chuck, lamb roast, and venison. This unique blend of meats creates a burger like no other. While you can use regular ground beef as a substitute, I highly recommend this extraordinary combination that takes full advantage of the delicious deer meat from our freezer.

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Grinding your own meat ensures quality and allows you to customize your burger to your taste. Whether you prefer your burgers rare or medium, you can feel at ease knowing the origin and quality of the meat you’re using.

What Makes a Pepper Burger Special?

Beyond the meat, the real magic lies in the key ingredient — black pepper. Freshly ground black pepper, generously applied, elevates these burgers to a whole new level. You may initially doubt its power, but trust me, once you’ve experienced the flavor-packed delight of a pepper burger, there’s no turning back.

Finding the Perfect Bun

While my dad preferred a simple white bread bun, I opt for a magnificent brioche bun to complement my pepper burger. The egg-y richness and subtle sweetness of brioche dough perfectly complement the savory grilled meat, providing a firm base that holds up to each bite.

Personalizing Your Pepper Burger

Customize your pepper burger with an array of toppings to suit your culinary preferences. Join me on a flavor adventure with possibilities such as crisp lettuce leaves, tangy red onions, roasted peppers, creamy avocado slices, fragrant cilantro, and fiery jalapeños for an extra kick. Don’t forget the option of adding ketchup to satisfy the classic burger connoisseur in you.

So, whether you’re following the footsteps of tradition or embarking on a creative culinary journey, these black pepper burgers are sure to satisfy your palate. Get ready to savor every bite and discover a burger experience you won’t soon forget.

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