Beef Liver Chips: A Savory and Nutrient-Dense Snack

Dried liver chips, with their delightful funky factor and satisfying crunch, are a truly unique snack. Similar in texture to traditional chips, they are perfect for dipping into warm cheese or guacamole. You can even create a cracker-like sandwich by adding a piece of cheese in the middle. The options for enjoying these chips are limitless.

These liver chips are not only delicious but also ideal for those interested in incorporating more organ meats into their diet or following a carnivore diet. If you haven’t explored the realm of organ meats yet, now is the time to pay attention.

Liver Chips

The Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef Liver

The question should be, “Why not?” Grass-fed beef liver offers numerous nutritional and environmental benefits while remaining budget-friendly and surprisingly tasty. The key is finding ways to cook organ meat in a manner that you truly enjoy. This liver chip recipe is incredibly simple, making it the perfect starting point.

Organ meats, in general, are exceptional, but liver stands out for its notable benefits. Rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and other crucial nutrients, liver is a fantastic choice for improving your overall health. When people begin their journey of incorporating nose-to-tail eating, liver is often their first choice. With the familiar texture and shape of a cracker or chip, these liver chips make it incredibly easy to add this nutritious organ meat to your diet.

How to Make Beef Liver Chips

The Nutritional Powerhouse: Beef Liver

Forget about imported exotic nuts or rare salts. Liver is a true superfood that can be sourced from your local butcher. The Weston A Price Foundation highlights the incredible nutritional content of liver, including its high-quality protein, abundance of B vitamins (especially vitamin B12), folic acid, iron, trace elements like copper, zinc, and chromium, and an unidentified anti-fatigue factor. Additionally, liver is an excellent source of CoQ10, which plays a vital role in cardiovascular function, and purines, which are essential for DNA and RNA synthesis.

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Carnivore Chips: More Than Just a Crisp

You might be wondering if these liver chips could also be considered jerky. Regardless of the classification, the truth is that these chips are a revelation. I personally love adding beef liver to my homemade pemmican, where it seamlessly blends in without altering the taste. Pemmican, a traditional food used by Native American tribes and early American fur traders, has a fascinating history. In fact, wars were once fought over the supply lines for this crucial source of sustenance.

Liver Chip Pemmican

One day, while drying liver for my pemmican recipe, I decided to take a little nibble of the dry liver. I was blown away by this unexpected discovery. These liver chips are the perfect healthy replacement for traditional chips. They offer a gluten-free and grain-free alternative that is actually good for you.

Whether you follow a paleo, AIP, GAPS, low oxalate, or keto diet, these liver chips are a wonderful addition to your snack repertoire. They are easy to make and require just one ingredient. You can even double or triple the batch according to your needs. While the drying process takes a few hours, the end result is worthwhile—a flavorful chip that is both satisfying and healthy.

How to Make Beef Liver Chips

Some people refer to these as liver jerky, but I prefer to dehydrate the liver until it becomes completely dry and delightfully crunchy. However, if you prefer a more pliable and chewy texture, you can experiment with achieving a jerky-like finish.

Before you begin, decide which method you prefer for making this liver chip recipe:

  1. Thinly slice whole liver into even pieces.
  2. Spread ground liver in a thin layer and break it apart into smaller pieces using your hands.
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Sourcing a pound or two of whole liver is usually the easiest option for most people. Simply bring it home and thinly slice it into individual pieces. You can then dry it in a food dehydrator or in the oven. It’s as easy as that!

Beef Liver Chips Ingredients

Ground liver produces an interesting result, with a flakier texture and a unique mouthfeel. If you prefer using ground liver, either ask your butcher to grind it for you or do it at home. Cube the liver, eliminate any thick connective tissues, and blend it in a food processor until smooth.

Once you have your liver prepared, spread it on a food dehydrator sheet or an ovenproof baking sheet in a single, thin layer. Be amazed by how sticky the texture is!

Food Dehydrator vs. Oven

There are two methods for drying your liver chips:

  • Food dehydrator method: Dry the liver at the meat setting in the dehydrator. Flip the chips once the top is dry and firm to the touch. This process takes up to 4 hours per side.
  • Oven method: Set the heat at the lowest temperature possible. Check on the chips after an hour and flip them once the center is completely dry. Continue drying for another hour or so.

Feel free to season your liver chips with your favorite herbs and spices if you desire. However, I recommend trying the chips plain first to fully appreciate the natural flavor of grass-fed liver. These chips have a tangy funk reminiscent of Parmesan cheese, making them an excellent accompaniment to a flavorful low-carb dip or soft cheese spread.

Beef Liver Chips for Dogs: A Healthy Treat

Dog enjoying Beef Liver Chip

These beef liver chips can also serve as a treat for your four-legged friends. Liver is a nutritious food for dogs, providing them with the same benefits it offers humans. So whether you’re making dehydrated liver for yourself or your furry companion, the process remains the same.

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It’s not uncommon for my husband and me to find humor in the fact that our dog eats the same food as us. As someone who follows an animal-based diet, preparing meals for both humans and pets becomes incredibly easy. Cats and dogs will happily enjoy the leftover scraps from your table, including bones, collagen-rich bits, and any meat that may have stayed in the fridge a little too long.

If you’re looking for more delicious zero-fiber recipes, The Carnivore Cookbook offers over 100 recipes that focus on animal protein and fats.

Where to Buy Beef Liver

If you’re interested in purchasing beef liver, Eat Wild is an excellent directory of farms and ranches in the US and Canada. You can find descriptions, offerings, and contact information for various suppliers in your area. Additionally, you can consult my Shopper’s Guide to Buying Liver for a comprehensive overview of the purchasing process.

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, consider these top recommendations for high-quality beef liver:

  • White Oak Pastures offers a wide selection of liver from various animals, including beef, goat, and lamb. The founder, Will Harris, transitioned from conventional feedlot beef production to regenerative grazing methods, resulting in better quality meat.
  • US Wellness Meats delivers grass-fed beef, lamb, and bison liver to both the US and Canada.

In conclusion, beef liver chips are a savory and nutrient-dense snack that can be enjoyed by both humans and pets alike. With their exceptional nutritional profile and simple preparation, they are a fantastic addition to any diet. Give them a try and discover the wonders of this delicious organ meat.