Filling Out a Cut Sheet for a Whole Cow: A Simple Guide

Are you ready to embark on the journey of filling out a cut sheet for a whole cow? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll break down the process into simple terms, ensuring that you can quickly fill out the form and secure your Butcher Date. So, let’s dive in and get started!

First Things First: Contact Information

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty details, let’s start by filling out the contact information boxes. It’s important to provide accurate information so that everything goes smoothly.

Steak Thickness: Your Preference Matters

When it comes to steak thickness, the choice is all yours. If you’ve had our steaks before, you know that we usually do 1-inch thickness. However, keep in mind that the thickness you choose will affect the number of steaks you receive. Thicker steaks mean fewer in quantity, while thinner ones result in more. Rest assured, the butcher will cut all steaks to your selected thickness.

Roast Weight: Planning for the Right Amount

For roast weight, a good rule of thumb is to aim for 3/4 to 1 pound of meat per adult. This should give you an idea of the quantity you’ll need, ensuring everyone is well-fed.

Ground Beef: Customizing to Your Tastes

When it comes to ground beef, you have complete control over how it’s packaged. Your ground beef will consist of any trimmings and any section you choose to “Grind.” If you prefer certain sections like Ground Chuck, Ground Sirloin, or Ground Round, the butcher will take that specific section, grind the meat, and package it separately. As for the lean to fat ratio, our cattle typically yield a 90/10 ground beef blend. However, if you choose to grind fatty sections like the chuck or ribs, the fat percentage will increase while grinding lean sections like the round will decrease the fat percentage.

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Ground Beef Patties: The Perfect Size and Quantity

If you love our ground beef patties, you can request up to 25 pounds maximum. Select your preferred patty size and let us know how many pounds you would like in patties. Our standard size is 1/4 pound patties, and they come in packs of four, with butcher paper in between. Just the right size for a delicious burger!

Stew Meat: Versatile and Flavorful

Stew Meat is a versatile option for cooking up delicious stews and other recipes. These small chunks of meat, packaged in approximately 1-pound packs, are too good to go into the bulk ground beef category. So, don’t forget to include them in your selection.

Beef Fat: Mixing and Rendering

If you’re interested in mixing our beef fat with venison or rendering it down for tallow, you can request 3-4 pound packages. It’s a fantastic way to add flavor to your dishes and explore new culinary possibilities.

Bones: For the Love of Marrow

Are you a fan of bones, especially the flavorful marrow? We’ve got you covered! You can choose to have 2-4 bones per package. If you prefer only marrow bones, just select “Yes” and make a note at the bottom of the cut sheet. We’ll ensure you get exactly what you desire.

Exploring the Different Cuts: Front Quarter

Now, let’s dive into the various cuts you can choose from the front quarter of the cow. Each cut offers a unique flavor and texture, so feel free to mix and match based on your preferences.

Front Quarter – Brisket: Untrimmed or Trimmed?

The brisket, located in the chest section, is a popular choice among barbecue enthusiasts. You have two options: untrimmed or trimmed. If you plan to smoke your briskets, leaving them untrimmed is the way to go. An untrimmed brisket weighs around 12-14 pounds, while a trimmed one will be 5-6 pounds, with all the fat removed. Whichever option you choose, get ready for some mouthwatering barbecue!

Front Quarter – Rib Plate: Ribs, Ribs, Ribs!

The rib cage offers two enticing choices: 2-inch short ribs and Korean style ribs. The 2-inch short ribs are your classic beef ribs that come four to a package. If you prefer thinner cross-cut short ribs, the Korean style ribs are perfect for you. A whole rib plate weighs approximately 10-12 pounds. Remember, if you opt to grind this section, it will increase the fat percentage in your ground beef.

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Front Quarter – Rib: Prime Rib or Ribeye?

The front quarter rib section is where you’ll find prime rib or bone-in rib roast. With a half cow, you’ll have one four-bone rib roast and one three-bone rib roast. Alternatively, you can choose bone-in rib steaks (bone-in ribeye) or boneless ribeyes, also known as Delmonicos. The choice is yours, and you can select up to two options.

Front Quarter – Shank: From Knee to Ankle

Moving on to the shank, which is from the knee to the ankle, you have various options. Osso Bucco, a flavorful cut, is the shank cut horizontally into 1.5″ discs, with the bone in the middle. Soup bones are cut in the same way but in 1″ discs. A whole shank weighs approximately 7-8 pounds, and you can choose two selections from this section.

Front Quarter – Chuck: Fatty and Flavorful

The chuck section, known for its rich flavor, offers ground chuck as a separate option. Ground chuck has a higher fat content, around 80/20, making it perfect for forming meatballs, meatloaf, or even your own tasty patties. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the unique flavors this section has to offer. You can select up to two options.

Front Quarter – Boneless Chuck Steaks: A Hidden Gem

Here’s a separate section dedicated to flavorful chuck steaks. Ranch and Denver steaks are heavily marbled, providing a burst of flavor in each bite. If you prefer something thin and tender, the flat irons are an excellent choice. And don’t forget the chuck eyes, which may be underrated but offer a fat distribution similar to a ribeye. Our recommendation? Try them all!

Moving to the Hind Quarter: More Delicious Cuts Await

Now, let’s venture into the hind quarter of the cow and discover a range of delectable cuts.

Hind Quarter – Flank: Perfect for Grilling

We have one flank per half cow, and it’s perfect for marinating and throwing on the grill. The flank is known for its intense flavor and tenderness. Feel free to select two options from this section.

Hind Quarter – Short Loin: A Crowd Pleaser

The short loin is a favorite among many. Its tenderness and versatility make it a fantastic choice for various cooking methods. Whether you’re craving juicy steaks or want to impress guests with a delicious roast, the short loin has got you covered. You can select up to two options.

Hind Quarter – Sirloin: Lean and Flavorful

Ground Sirloin, as a separate option, offers a leaner choice for those who prefer a lower-fat ground beef option. The lean to fat ratio is approximately 95/5. If you’re a fan of sirloin steaks, you can choose bone-in sirloin steaks that can weigh over a pound. If you’ve ever tried our petite top strip, you know it’s cut from the sirloin section. You have two selections available.

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Hind Quarter – Eye Round: Lean and Versatile

The eye round is a lean and tougher section, perfect for low and slow recipes. With a half cow, you’ll have one eye round roast. If you prefer smaller cuts, the kabob meat is a great option. It comes in one-pound packages, similar to stew meat. You can choose two selections from this section.

Hind Quarter – Top Round: Options Galore

Similar to the eye round, the top round offers various choices. Customers often choose round round for a leaner ground beef option. Shaved beef is thinly sliced, ideal for cheesesteaks or stir fry. And if you’re planning a fajita night, the fajita meat, thinly sliced strips, is the way to go. You have two selections at your disposal.

Hind Quarter – Bottom Round: Variety and Flavor

The bottom round section provides similar choices to the top round. You can opt for kabob meat or cube steak, depending on your preferences. Both options offer unique flavors and culinary possibilities. Don’t forget to select up to two options.

Hind Quarter – Sirloin Tip: Small but Mighty

The sirloin tip section is relatively small but packed with flavor. With approximately two roasts per half cow, this section offers lean and flavorful sirloin tip steaks. They are fantastic for grilling or roasting. Enjoy the tenderness and taste of these carefully selected cuts.

Hind Quarter – Tri Tip: A Delicious Treat

Last but not least, the tri tip. This section provides only one delicious tri tip per half cow. Known for its marbling and tenderness, the tri tip is perfect for grilling. Make sure to savor every bite of this mouthwatering cut.

Organs: For the Adventurous Cook

Finally, we come to the organs. You can choose as many of these as you’d like, depending on your preferences. We always recommend keeping the skirt and hanging tender, as they make fantastic steak cuts. If you’re feeling adventurous or have neighbors who enjoy these cuts, go ahead and keep the rest. And don’t forget about your furry friends; some organs make excellent treats for your favorite pooch!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully filled out your Whole Cow Cut Sheet. Now, prove you’re not a robot, hit submit, and within a few seconds, you’ll be automatically redirected to the deposit payment page. We’re thrilled to be part of your culinary journey, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy the incredible flavors of our premium, farm-fresh beef.

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