Costco Delivers Authentic BBQ with Smokin’ Joe’s Brisket Burnt Ends

Barbecue lovers rejoice! If you’re like us and lack the equipment for authentic barbecue at home, Costco has a solution for you. Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ Fully Cooked Brisket Burnt Ends promise to satisfy your smoky, slow-roasted cravings without the hassle. Let’s find out if they live up to the hype.

Delivered Straight to Your Door

Imagine the aroma of a smoky barbecue filling your kitchen as you prepare these delectable burnt ends. Although they’re fully cooked, a few minutes in the oven or air fryer is all it takes to recreate that authentic barbecue experience. Convenient and easy, just the way we like it.

From the Aisles of Costco

If you’re hosting a big barbecue gathering, Costco has a plethora of suitable products to serve alongside these burnt ends. Picture the crowd enjoying Kirkland Signature Smoked Pulled Pork, Kirkland Signature Seasoned Pork Ribs, and Stoney Creek Shaved Beef Au Jus. Polish off the meal with a slice of Kirkland Signature Sour Cream Butter Pound Cake and a refreshing glass of Kirkland Signature Iced Tea. The possibilities are endless.

Taste That Smokes the Competition

Head to the refrigerated deli section at Costco to find these mouthwatering burnt ends, nestled near the fresh pasta. The rich, smoky aroma during cooking sets the stage for what’s to come. Our method of choice was the air fryer, and after just seven minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the results closely resembled the tantalizing image on the box. Perhaps an extra minute could have elevated the experience, but all in all, the air fryer did not disappoint.

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The burnt ends boast an unmistakable smoky barbecue flavor, as expected. The brisket, for the most part, is delicious. However, variation rears its head, with approximately half of the pieces falling short of the mark. Some pieces tend to be tough, gristly, or too fatty. While none were unbearable, not all were enjoyable.

Quality Comes at a Cost

Weighing in at 650 grams, these burnt ends are priced at $15.49 Canadian. The package consists of a vacuum-sealed bag of burnt ends and a separate bag of sauce. Considering the flavor and convenience they offer, the cost is reasonable for a satisfying barbecue experience without the need for specialized equipment.

Convenience Wrapped in Flavor

Preparing the burnt ends might test your patience due to their initial stickiness. A few minutes spent separating the pieces before coating them in sauce is a small price to pay. The presence of fat in the package contributes to the sticking issue. Remember, these burnt ends are fully cooked, so reheating is all that’s required.

Store the burnt ends in the refrigerator, where they can remain fresh for up to six weeks from the purchase date. Serve them in a bun or enjoy them as the star of the show alongside coleslaw and baked beans for a mouthwatering side dish. Versatility never tasted so good.

Indulgence with a Nutritional Note

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of nutrition. A 3/4 cup serving contains 370 calories, 24 grams of fat, 19 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fiber, 13 grams of sugar, 20 grams of protein, and a noteworthy 1000 milligrams of sodium. Keep in mind the sodium content, especially when considering additional side dishes that may also contain sodium.

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A Grocery-Store-Bought Delight

These burnt ends feature a typical ingredients list for a barbecue-style product found in grocery stores. Pleasantly, they contain soy and mustard but no dairy or gluten. All the flavor, none of the unnecessary additives.

The Verdict

In summary, the taste scores a solid 6 out of 10, with room for improvement. Considering the cost, a respectable 7 out of 10 feels fair. Convenience shines through with a near-perfect score of 9 out of 10. Unfortunately, the nutritional aspect falls short, earning a meager 2 out of 10. Ultimately, while there are some tasty bites, they are not enough to warrant purchasing these burnt ends.

Walk on by, dear reader, in search of a more consistent barbecue experience. Costco offers a vast array of options, and while these burnt ends have their merits, they fall slightly short of our expectations.

Have you had a chance to savor these burnt ends from Costco? Share your thoughts, as we’re always eager to hear different opinions.

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