Rare Cuts: Unleashing the Potential of Beef Navel

Barbecue enthusiasts worldwide hail beef brisket as the pinnacle cut for smoking succulent beef. Yet, within the realm of brisket, there lies a hidden gem that when prepared correctly, unveils a tantalizing and irresistible flavor – the beef navel.

Unlocking the Magic of Beef Navel

In the United States, this coveted cut goes by many names, such as beef belly or plate. Across the pond in the UK, it is known as navel end brisket. Essentially, it is the beef equivalent of pork belly. Debates may arise regarding its classification as part of the brisket, but for simplicity’s sake, we shall refer to it as the beef navel.

This adaptable cut offers a myriad of delicious possibilities. Whether smoked, transformed into pastrami, cured, or even homemade beef bacon, the beef navel never fails to charm even the most discerning palates.


Preparing for the Smoking Journey

The beef navel boasts a slightly higher fat content, and it is prudent to trim it down to approximately a centimeter. Considering the hard, outer fat doesn’t render down during smoking, it does provide some protection to the meat. When placing it in the smoker, positioning the side with the centimeter of fat and the harder fat towards the heat source can offer an extra layer of safeguarding during the slow cooking process.

On the other side, the beef navel exhibits less fat but features a silver skin. To ensure optimal tenderness, it is advisable to trim off as much of this silver skin as possible, as it tends to be chewy. In the realm of barbecue competitions, meticulous removal of the silver skin becomes imperative. Although a tedious task, the rewards are plentiful, as its removal enhances the chances of obtaining a beautiful smoke ring.

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Furthermore, achieving an even and flat navel contributes to the aesthetic appeal and uniform cooking of each slice. While a more relaxed approach is suitable for home cooking, competition cooking demands meticulous attention to detail, where each slice must mirror the previous one, resulting in an evenly cooked masterpiece.

Once the trimming is complete, the next step is to apply a simple yet highly effective rub. While some may opt for a binder like American mustard or Worcestershire sauce, caution must be exercised to avoid excessive application. Applying the rub too thickly can result in an excessively thick and crusty bark, which may not be desirable. For beef, simplicity is key – a mixture of salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic powder suffices. This Texas-style rub pays homage to the barbecue expertise that emanates from the great state.

Apply the rub evenly and generously, ensuring complete coverage of the beef navel. Allow the rub to settle for approximately 15 minutes before placing it in the smoker.

Embarking on the Smoky Journey

Seasoned barbecue masters know the drill, but for those new to the wonders of smoking, a smoker temperature of around 250F-260F (120°C-125°C) is ideal. Once the desired temperature is achieved, it’s time to introduce the beef navel to its smoky sanctuary.

Wrapping the navel in foil is an option once the internal temperature reaches approximately 170F (75°C). The true test lies in the texture – when the probe glides through the meat as though it were butter, the journey is complete. This usually occurs between 190F (87°C) and 205F (95°C).

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Before unveiling your masterpiece to eager taste buds, allow the beef navel to rest for a good 45 minutes, ensuring the flavors harmonize and intensify.

A Final Note on the Beef Navel

A tantalizing streak of fat runs through the heart of the navel cut, making it an ideal candidate for beef bacon and curing adventures. Even when smoked, the pronounced fat line, reminiscent of the images showcased, imparts a delightful succulence that elevates this cut to impressive heights.

The beef navel unravels a world of possibilities for barbecue aficionados seeking unique and unforgettable flavors. Prepare to embark on a journey that will tantalize and enthrall the senses, as you unlock the potential of this rare and remarkable cut.

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