The Ultimate Guide to BBQ Invitations

Invite your guests to a sizzling BBQ party with personalized flair

two kinds of BBQ invitations

Dust off your outdoor table, grab the grill, and get ready for an alfresco dining experience. BBQ season is here, and it’s time to celebrate special occasions with delightful backyard gatherings and picnic-inspired baby showers. Whether you’re hosting a birthday bash or a bridal shower, a BBQ is the perfect way to honor the momentous event while enjoying the great outdoors.

What to Include on Your BBQ Invitations

BBQ invitations: group of people drinking and grilling outside

When sending out invitations, it’s not just about announcing the event; it’s about providing essential information. Make sure to include the following details on your BBQ invitations:

  • Date, time, and location of the event
  • Indicate if it’s a potluck-style barbecue or if guests need to bring anything specific
  • Specify any theme or dress code, if applicable
  • Mention if it’s a formal or casual affair

For events like bridal showers or Father’s Day BBQs, you can also include gift information. If you’re hosting a rustic-glam wedding rehearsal dinner, add a touch of elegance with string lights and serve up grilled surf and turf dishes. Alternatively, for a laid-back backyard cookout, offer classic burgers and hot dogs that guests can enjoy on plaid or gingham picnic blankets. Your invitations should reflect the desired tone and formality of the event.

Creative Wording Ideas for Your BBQ Invitations

BBQ invitations: group of people eating dinner outside

When it comes to your BBQ invitation wording, it’s an opportunity to showcase your unique personality and style. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  • “We’re licensed to grill! Join us for a backyard BBQ on June 21st at 4 pm. Pulled pork and roasted corn on the menu. BYOB!”
  • “Join us in the ‘BBQ capital of the world’ – our Kansas City backyard. Celebrate Thomas’s 11th birthday on Saturday, August 12th, at noon. Small gifts appreciated.”
  • “Celebrate a bun in the oven with a baby shower barbecue for Alice and Skylar on Sunday, January 5th, at 1 pm.”
  • “Join us for Leslie’s retirement beach barbecue and celebrate good times and good tides. The fun starts at 5 pm on Saturday, October 16th.”
  • “We cordially invite you to an evening under the stars to celebrate our engagement. The I Do BBQ starts at 8 pm on Saturday, March 15th. Please wear cowboy cocktail attire.”
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Your BBQ invitation wording should align with the event’s style, be it casual or formal. Feel free to use playful and catchy phrases or opt for more formal language depending on the occasion.

The Best BBQ Invitation Design Ideas

Gingham BBQ Invitation

Classic BBQ Invitation

Red White BBQ Invitation

BBQ Picnic Invitation

Vintage Lobster Invitation

Summer Party Pop Invitation

Backyard Baby-Q Invitation

Cheers & Beers Invitation

Classic Cookout Invitation

Fresh Lemonade Invitation

Charming Rose Bouquet Invitation

Choosing the perfect BBQ invitation design adds an extra touch of excitement to your event. Whether you opt for traditional paper invites or eco-friendly digital invitations like those from Greenvelope, make sure your invitations reflect the theme and style of your gathering. With online invitations, you can easily send detailed information to all your guests and effortlessly manage RSVPs.

Get Fired Up With a BBQ Celebration

BBQ invitations: man getting a BBQ from the grill

While BBQs are often associated with summertime, you can host these mouthwatering events all year round. From birthdays and family reunions to baby showers and rehearsal dinners, a BBQ provides the perfect setting to celebrate life’s milestones. Moreover, BBQs offer an excellent opportunity to reconnect with neighbors and friends in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

With these creative BBQ invitations, your guests will eagerly anticipate the big day. At Greenvelope, you’ll find a wide range of invitation designs to suit every style and occasion. Need more inspiration? Check out our ideas for 4th of July picnics, group camp-outs, and practical tips for party planning.

So, fire up the grill and let the festivities begin!

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