A Comprehensive Guide to Barred Rock Chickens

Barred rock chickens, also known as Plymouth Rock, are a beloved breed for backyard chicken enthusiasts. These friendly and easy-to-raise chickens are excellent egg layers and are known for their robust health. If you’re a beginner looking to start your chicken flock or a seasoned chicken owner looking to expand your flock, Barred Rock chickens are definitely worth considering.

Barred Rock Hen

What are Barred Rock Chickens?

Barred Rock chickens are a breed of chicken that originated in Massachusetts in the mid-1800s. They were originally called Plymouth Rock chickens, named after the town where they were first bred. The term “Barred” refers to the color pattern of the bird, with black and white barred feathers being the most common variation.

These chickens are dual-purpose birds, meaning they are suitable for both egg production and meat. They are known for their hardiness, friendly temperament, and excellent productivity. Barred Rock chickens are perfect for beginners and make great pets for children.

Barred Rock Chicken

Pros and Cons of Barred Rock Chickens

Before deciding to add Barred Rock chickens to your flock, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.


  • Good egg layers, laying around 200-250 eggs per year.
  • Suitable for meat production, reaching broiler size at 8-12 weeks.
  • Easy to handle and friendly, making them great pets and suitable for kids.
  • Hardy and adaptable to various climates.
  • Tolerate confinement but also enjoy free-ranging.
  • Generally healthy and low-maintenance.
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  • Can be easy prey for predators due to their friendly nature.

Barred Rock Chicken Characteristics

Barred Rock chickens have a fascinating history and distinctive characteristics that make them stand out. These medium-large birds have a broad, long back with a full, deep chest. They have yellow shanks, skin, and beaks. The comb is a defining feature, with a single comb that has five distinct points.

The most iconic feature of Barred Rock chickens is their coloration. They are covered in stripes, or bars, with alternating light and dark feathers. This color pattern is a result of a sex-linked gene that affects the distribution of color on the feathers.

Barred Rock Hen

Barred Rock chickens come in different varieties, including white, buff, silver penciled, partridge, Columbian, and blue. These variations have developed over time, and the breed’s appearance has evolved. However, the original Barred Rock remains the most popular and widely recognized variety.

Temperament and Hardiness

Barred Rock chickens are known for their friendly and easygoing temperament. They form strong attachments to their owners and enjoy human interaction. They are great for first-time owners and make excellent pets for children.

These chickens are highly adaptable and can tolerate confinement with adequate space. They are also happy to free-range and have good foraging abilities. However, it’s important to protect them from predators, as they can be easily caught by coyotes or bobcats.

Barred Rocks are cold and heat tolerant, making them suitable for various climates. Their featherless legs and early feathering help them withstand temperature extremes. However, proper shelter with insulation is still necessary to ensure their well-being.

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Barred Rock Hen

Egg Production and Meat Quality

Barred Rock chickens are known for their egg-laying abilities. They lay around 200-250 brown eggs per year, with a weekly average of 3-4 eggs. While the heritage strain lays fewer eggs but for a longer period, the production strain lays more eggs but for a shorter period.

These chickens are also excellent meat birds, reaching their full size at around 8-12 weeks. They have tender and juicy meat, making them a popular choice for meat production. Barred Rocks require less feed than some other breeds to reach their maximum size.

Common Health Issues

Barred Rock chickens are generally healthy and don’t have specific health issues that are more common compared to other breeds. However, like all chickens, proper care and cleanliness are crucial in preventing parasites and diseases.

Roosters with large combs may be susceptible to frostbite in extreme cold weather. It’s important to monitor their well-being and provide appropriate shelter to protect them from harsh conditions.


If you’re considering adding chickens to your flock, Barred Rock chickens are an excellent choice. With their friendly temperament, good egg production, and suitability for meat, they provide a well-rounded chicken experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced chicken owner, Barred Rocks are easy to raise, making them a popular breed among chicken enthusiasts.

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Barred Rock Chickens Breed Guide