The Ultimate Guide to Burman’s BBQ Sauces: Unveiling a Symphony of Flavors


Special thanks to Kelly and Wayne for their valuable assistance in curating this review. As a connoisseur of barbecue joints in my locality, discovering a range of sauces is one of the highlights of the experience. It’s akin to embarking on a flavor adventure, exploring various sauce profiles that enhance the distinct taste of different meat cuts.

Aldi seems to have channeled the spirit of authentic barbecue establishments, as they now offer four tantalizing flavors of Burman’s BBQ Sauces as part of their Summer Seasonal Favorites collection. These products grace the shelves for a slightly longer duration than limited-time ALDI Finds, lingering throughout the grilling season. However, if you’re hoping to acquire them outside this time frame, I’m afraid you’ll be out of luck, as Aldi does not currently facilitate online orders for out-of-stock items.

Each 19-ounce glass container of Burman’s BBQ sauce exhibits a peculiar size, making one wonder if product downsizing is at play. Priced at a mere $1.99 each, these bottles are a steal!

We conducted a meticulous testing process, inviting a diverse group of individuals, including both adults and children, some of whom had prior experience with various sauce types. While taste is inherently subjective, our collective evaluation resulted in the following conclusions.

Burman’s Carolina Style BBQ Sauce


The label aptly describes this sauce as “light and tangy,” accurately capturing its essence. The Carolina sauce stands out from the rest due to its pronounced mustard base. If you appreciate the complex flavors of mustard, this sauce is bound to satiate your taste buds. Surprisingly, even those who aren’t particularly fond of mustard found themselves enjoying this unique offering. Our team, consisting of seasoned Carolina sauce enthusiasts, agreed that Burman’s rendition is an impressive replication of the flavors we’ve experienced at various restaurants. We believe this sauce pairs exceptionally well with pork, chicken, and even salmon, although its compatibility with beef remains more uncertain.

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Burman’s Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce


Labeled as “smooth and zingy,” the Kansas City style sauce lives up to its promise. In our opinion, this sauce reigns as the ultimate all-purpose barbecue companion. It encompasses a delectable level of sweetness, rendering it a perfect complement to savory meats. However, if you tend to steer clear of sweetness when it comes to your meat, this might not be your sauce of choice. To our delight, our testers, familiar with Kansas City style sauce and even having dined at establishments in Kansas City itself, unanimously considered Burman’s iteration to be an authentic representation of this classic flavor profile.

Burman’s Memphis Style BBQ Sauce


Billed as “sweet and rich,” the Memphis style sauce ironically exhibits less sweetness compared to its Kansas City counterpart. Although our testers acknowledged its merit as a stand-alone sauce, it fell short in comparison to the other offerings. The consensus among our panel was that while the Memphis sauce possesses its own merits, it fails to surpass the distinctive qualities of its counterparts. The other sauces outshone it, as they excelled in specific flavor dimensions, leaving this sauce somewhat overshadowed. Nevertheless, we assure you that it remains an enjoyable sauce in its own right.

Burman’s Texas Style BBQ Sauce


Boasting the label of “sweet and smoky,” the Texas style sauce emerged as the boldest contender in our taste test. It flaunts a strikingly robust flavor profile, underscored by a subtle smokiness and pepper flakes that provide a hint of heat. The sweetness level matches that of the Memphis style sauce. One of our testers even declared it as their personal favorite, while others expressed their fondness for it, albeit with a preference for other sauces. We must admit that our testers lacked previous experience with Texas style sauce, making it difficult to ascertain its authenticity. Nevertheless, based on its undeniable merits, we can confidently state that it impressed our team.

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The Verdict:

Every sauce within the Burman’s BBQ sauce lineup impressed us with its distinctive flavors. Each variant showcased its own unique character, leaving us without hesitation in recommending every single one for your next cookout. However, if pressed to pick favorites, our consensus unquestionably designated Burman’s Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce as the top choice. Its sweet taste makes it an incredibly versatile accompaniment to a wide array of meats. Tied for second place were Burman’s Carolina Style BBQ Sauce, with its delightful mustard-based tanginess, and Burman’s Texas Style BBQ Sauce, exhibiting a bold peppery flavor that pairs wonderfully with beef, pork, or chicken. Unfortunately, Burman’s Memphis Style BBQ Sauce fell short when compared to its counterparts, making it the odd sauce out for our testers.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend trying each sauce, and for those with an adventurous palate like our own, why not indulge in the full range to diversify your flavor experience? Happy grilling!

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