Quick and Easy Buffalo Chicken Wraps Recipe

Who doesn’t love a delicious Buffalo Chicken Wrap? It’s the perfect blend of crispy, spicy, and savory flavors all wrapped up in a tortilla. But what if I told you that you could make your own in just 5 minutes? Yes, you heard that right! This recipe is quick, easy, and uses leftover chicken tenders. Let’s dive in and discover how to create these mouthwatering wraps.

The Perfect Buffalo Chicken Wrap Recipe

If you’re anything like me, you have a favorite dish that you order every time you go out to eat. Well, my husband is no different. He always goes for the crispy fried buffalo chicken wrap. So, I decided to create a recipe specifically for him, allowing him to enjoy his favorite dish whenever he wants. Trust me, this recipe is a game-changer.

To make this Buffalo Chicken Wrap, you’ll need premade breaded boneless chicken tenders. While you can use store-bought ones, I highly recommend trying out our homemade Air Fryer Chicken Tenders. They’re incredibly easy to make and will take your wraps to the next level. Plus, they’re healthier than the frozen or fried varieties without sacrificing that crispy fried taste.

Don’t have any chicken tenders on hand? No worries! You can also use grilled chicken breasts, shredded grilled chicken, or even rotisserie chicken to enjoy these buffalo chicken wraps without the breading.

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The Best Sauces for Your Buffalo Chicken Wrap

The sauce is what makes a buffalo chicken wrap truly outstanding. If you have the time, I highly recommend making our super easy homemade buffalo sauce. It can even be stored in the fridge for up to 30 days, so you’ll always have it on hand.

If you prefer to buy your sauce, here are a few of my favorite store-bought options:

  • Original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Sauce, Medium
  • Frank’s Buffalo Wings Sauce
  • Sweet Baby Ray’s Wing Sauce

Now that we have our chicken and sauce ready, let’s move on to assembling our Buffalo Chicken Wraps.

How to Make Buffalo Chicken Wraps

STEP ONE: Take your leftover chicken tenders or other leftover chicken and break them into about 1-inch pieces. Place the shredded chicken tenders in a bowl and pour buffalo sauce on top.

Chicken Wrap

STEP TWO: Coat the chicken tenders with the hot buffalo sauce on both sides until fully coated.

STEP THREE: Take a flour tortilla and place it on a plate. Top it with ¼ of the chicken tenders mixture, lettuce, tomato, and a tablespoon of chunky blue cheese dressing or bleu cheese crumbles.

STEP FOUR: Wrap the tortilla and secure it with a toothpick to keep it in place.

Repeat these steps for the other three buffalo chicken wraps. You can either enjoy them immediately or refrigerate them for up to 3 days and have them cold or reheat them later.

Cooking Your Buffalo Chicken Wrap in the Air Fryer

If you own an air fryer, you’re in luck! It’s the perfect tool to make your Buffalo Chicken Wraps hot and crispy. Here’s how:

  1. Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees.
  2. Place the buffalo chicken wrap in the air fryer with a toothpick to keep it closed.
  3. Spritz it quickly with an EVO Oil Sprayer.
  4. Cook for 5 to 8 minutes, turning it halfway through cooking.
  5. Remove it from the air fryer, slice it in half, and enjoy!
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Pro tip: Use an Instant-Read Thermometer to check the inside temperature of the chicken wrap to ensure it’s heated all the way through.

Reheating Your Spicy Chicken Wrap in the Air Fryer

There’s nothing worse than a mushy cold wrap the next day. If your spicy chicken wrap is already assembled, you can simply stick it in the air fryer at 350 degrees and reheat it until warm, about 5 minutes. Make sure to flip it halfway through for even heating. If you notice the tortilla starting to brown too quickly, reduce the temperature to 325 degrees and continue reheating.

Perfect Pairings for Your Buffalo Chicken Wraps

To complete your lunch or dinner meal, pair your Buffalo Chicken Wraps with one of these delicious sides:

  • Crispy Air Fryer French Fries
  • Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries
  • Air Fryer Broccoli Parmesan
  • Air Fryer Avocado Fries with Sriracha-Ranch Dip

Don’t have an air fryer? No problem! You can still enjoy your Buffalo Chicken Wrap with frozen French fries or sweet potato fries cooked in the oven. It’ll feel like you’re dining in a restaurant without all the chaos.

Now that you’ve learned how to make the perfect Buffalo Chicken Wraps, it’s time to get cooking! Enjoy the mouthwatering combination of flavors and indulge in this quick and easy recipe.

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